Rolfing® SI is…

The body knows how to move & do it well–that is what it was made for. Conditions only conspire at inopportune times to obstruct this capacity that is innate in each of us. My job is to reawaken the capacity for movement that is balanced, fluid, & free. I believe that Rolfing® Structural Integration is successful to the degree that the Rolfer™ can encourage and evoke the primordial capacities for balanced, free, and fluid movement. Often we find this native grace to be obscured; buried by prior trauma, stress, or even over-intellectualising the “right” way to do something.

The Rolfer’s™ task is therefore manifest: we must “re-arrange the furniture” so the client can negotiate the clutter to reach the doorway of somatic liberation. Or if your inclination is to geologic metaphors: we seek a treasure buried beneath the sands and sediment that life’s vicissitudes deposit. We dig with diligence through the descending strata and finally having found the prize, we dust away the baser matter till the jewel of unmitigated movement glitters, luminous in the rising sun.



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