Metakinetical Relativity

We find ourselves in continual exchange of information & this communication transpires through many channels. “Body-language” represents one channel indicating another; the verbal indicating a communication that is actually physical. From anecdotes to attitudes, information is ferried about by infinite different vessels in a commerce that is inexhaustible. Words, gestures, art, poetry, music, numbers—the inventory of surpasses apprehension.

Crucially in this interminable exchange, such information is both communicated & communicable. This is to say that we recognise some of the commerce, while other interactions transpire unbeknownst.

As Rolfers™, we strive to appreciate the depth of this inter-relation. As my wonderful teacher Monica Caspari counsels:

One must [oneself] become an appropriate body-schema that communicates wordlessly—but empathetically—with the body-schema of the client. The client will then unconsciously entrain with the practicioner and mirror that practicioner’s movement or tonic state. In this manner, the client induces the desired function in the client. Godard calls this phenomenon ‘metakinesis’”(Caspari 6).

This is kineses that expands beyond the body. We are all intimately strung together—modern physics corroborates this relativity with its iterations of String Theory. To use physicist James Gates’ metaphor, imagining these bands of connectivity as strings on a Stradivari violin—let us take steps to resonate in melody!

Take someone who slouches & stands crookèd with a scowl on her face. She might not recognise it, but she’s continually broadcasting an attitude of disease, discontent, & lack of vigour. And all of us around her can’t help but pick it up. Naturally it’s no one’s decision how another lives her life. But we do enjoy autonomy over our own actions (at least we flatter ourselves to think so). I feel for this reason that it is incumbent on every individual to take care that his note be concordant. Then the crescendo of our collective symphony washes over the sayd sloucher like an ocean wave that rectifies the sand in which some thoughful fellow had written the f-word, for example.

How does this relate to Rolfing® SI? Cause when we feel good in our bodies, our string rings pure. Call the Traveling Rolfer for your own sake & the sake of our orchestra!


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