Posture & Morality: Part II

In Part I of this bit, I tried to show how posture and morality come apart. That dismemberment, I feel, must be the first step. The second step is to yoke them back together.

We communicate with words through speech and text. We also communicate through images and touch. In short, there are a myriad channels through which we sustain a constant communication with those around us. Posture is one of the most crucial—sometimes it even supersedes verbal language: if I say “fine” with my arms crossed & my chin down, “fine” isn’t really what I mean. In fact our verbal language recognises the eminence of this physiognomy with the term “body-language.” Postural communication transpires both above and below the threshold of our consciousness.

Take a fellow’s belly-yawn: we may notice consciously, but the impulse to indulge wells up from somewhere deeper. Posture is exactly the same, likewise, analogous, lo mismo. We are perpetually broadcasting information through these many channels of communication—even when we are completely silent.

How does this relate posture & morality? Each of us is responsible to ensure that we do the best we can to embody ease & balance so that our broadcast to those around us contributes towards the flourishing & co-existence of all.



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