Brief Tidings from The Way of the Elbow

Hello! I am a certified Rolfer® who has recently recently moved to the Bay Area to begin a master’s program in Philosophy, Cosmology, & Consciousness at The California Institute of Integral Studies. For my readers,unfamiliar with Rolfing® Structural Integration, it is a hands-on therapy designed to help clients overcome long-term chronic tension, strains, & injuries, to achieve optimal balance in the body.
I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska as a competitive cross-country ski racer. After finishing my career & graduating from university, I studied at the Rolf Institutes in Boulder, CO & São Paulo, Brazil to earn my Rolfing certification. Since 2013 I have been working in my private practice in downtown Anchorage. I am supremely grateful for the opportunity as a Rolfer to help my clients resolve long-standing stress to discover the natural ease & joyful experience that is the core of embodied living. I am continually seeking to deepen my understanding of the human being in body, soul, & spirit so that I can serve people more effectively. This investigation into the microcosm that is the human being has naturally awakened a deep curiosity about the macrocosm of which we are all expressions. In this way I believe that my masters’ studies & my Rolfing practice will mutually enrich one another and allow me to serve my clients with better skill. I hope to meet more great folks in beautiful Marin County or wherever our paths should lead us!

All the best,




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